The extraordinary cast of YES is headed by a luminous Joan Allen ('The Crucible', 'Ice Storm', 'Nixon', 'The Contender') and the charismatic Simon Abkarian (Molière prize-winning actor) who plays her lover. Shirley Henderson ('Topsy Turvy', '24 Hour Party People'), Sam Neill ('Jurassic Park', 'The Piano'), and Sheila Hancock, much loved actor and comedienne, are joined by Gary Lewis, Wil Johnson, Raymond Waring, Samantha Bond, and Stephanie Leonidas.
Joan Allen


Joan Allen plays "She" the passionate and driven Irish-American scientist. A founding member of the acclaimed Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and recipient of one Tony award and three Academy Award nominations, and a further nine film and theatre critics awards, Joan Allen has had a remarkable career on both stage and screen. The first of Joan Allen's Academy nominations was in recognition of her portrayal of First Lady Pat Nixon in Oliver Stone's NIXON (1995). The following year she received a second Oscar nomination for her role as Elizabeth Proctor in Nicholas Hytner's adaptation of THE CRUCIBLE. In 1997 she headlined a stellar cast in Ang Lee's acclaimed THE ICE STORM. In 2001 she received her third Academy Award nomination for her leading role in THE CONTENDER.

Simon Abkarian


Simon Akbarian, an Armenian who grew up in France and Lebanon, plays "He" a Lebanese doctor in exile, making his living as a cook. Simon Abkarian was first known for his charismatic performances in leading roles in the Greek Tragedies with the Theatre du Soleil (directed by Ariane Mnouchkine). In 2001 Simon Abkarian received the Prix Moliere (the highest accolade in French theatre for an actor) for his performance in Une Bete Sur La Lune (directed by Irina Brook). He has also directed several plays including an acclaimed production of Titus Andronicus (2003). YES is his first leading role in the English language on film. He recently played the male lead in a French comedy, LE DEMON DE MIDI .

Sam Neill


Sam Neill tackles the difficult role of Anthony, a disillusioned English politician, with great goodwill and subtlety. His distinguished career spans a great variety of roles and genres of filmmaking, from blockbusters such as JURASSIC PARK (1993) to his role as the husband in THE PIANO (1993). Sam Neill has received many accolades for his work including three Golden Globe and three AFI nominations for best actor and an AFI best actor award for A CRY IN THE DARK (1989).

Shirley Henderson


Shirley Henderson, as the cleaner, brings her uniquely ironic, delicate, and sometimes extremely funny presence to her role as a woman contemplating the trail of dirt and heartbreak that we leave for others to clean up in the house and across the planet. She is a favourite collaborator of several filmmakers (including Michael Winterbottom, 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE, WONDERLAND and Mike Leigh, TOPSY TURVY), and was memorable as 'Moaning Myrtle' in HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS.

Sheila Hancock


The legendary Sheila Hancock (a household name for her work in British television) is known for the caustic intelligence and humour she brings to her roles. She plays the passionately socialist great-aunt of "She".

Samantha Bond SAMANTHA BOND ("KATE")

Samantha Bond plays Kate, a mother of four and one of "She's" closest friends. A British actress and member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Bond's career has included stage roles on Broadway and the West End as well as considerable film and television work, including the role of Miss Moneypenny in the last four James Bond films.


Stephanie Leonidas plays Grace, a confused and body-conscious teenager. Her career has included roles on stage, film and television. She received high praise for her role as Dani in Lucy Prebble's play The Sugar Syndrome.


A Scottish actor who began his career in the early 1990's Lewis can be counted on to create indelible portraits that linger in audiences' memories (including those in BILLY ELLIOT and GANGS OF NEW YORK). He shines in YES as one of three featured kitchen workers at a large hotel.


Wil Johnson, one of the outspoken kitchen workers, plays a Jamaican born-again Christian.  Known for his roles in TV dramas 'Waking The Dead' and 'Babyfather', Johnson also appeared in EMOTIONAL BACKGAMMON and SOUTH WEST 9 among other films.

Raymond Waring


Raymond Waring plays an alienated homeless lad, the third of the featured kitchen workers. Waring's previous film work includes 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE and most recently FINDING NEVERLAND.