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ZURICH – 23/05/05


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I have many vivid memories of Zurich , especially from my days as a singer with ‘FIG’, ‘Oh Moscow’ and the ‘Film Music Orchestra’ in the '80s. The audiences for new music then were always so alert, so lively. Zurich is of course a rich city. It has an efficient tram system and lots of very expensive shops. But it also has a river snaking through it and a huge clean lake that people swim in in summer. When I am there, strolling by the lake, I often think of Emeric Pressburger who apparently would sometimes drive to Zurich from London for dinner just to eat sauerkraut in the Kronenhalle restaurant.

This time I was only visiting for a day, to do promotional work for the Swiss distributors of the film, Filmcoopi, a very simpatico team who had also handled THE TANGO LESSON. The interviews were interesting for me. The journalists had thought hard and were well prepared. There seems to be so much to talk about. Love, war, rhymes, dust. The day flew past.

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Zurich - the river

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The Film Music Orchestra

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With Pierre Lachat at Swiss Radio

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Wolfgang Bloesche and Felix Hachler of Filmcoopi

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