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The Tap Lesson

Splendid Demands

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The Tap Lesson

The last time I was in Denver was to change planes following the premiere of YES in Telluride. It was sunny then, and I was in a sunny mood, relieved at having finally put the film in front of an audience. It was also sunny, but bitterly cold, the previous time I visited which was to promote The Tango Lesson, some eight years ago, with Pablo Veron. On that occasion, driving back to the airport after a day of interviews, cheeks red from the biting wind, mind emptied from talking, talking, Pablo suddenly realised he had left a case at the hotel. Drama and waiting as the driver dashed back to the hotel to pick up the bag. Pablo started tap dancing on the concourse in the bright white morning light. I asked for a lesson. We missed the plane.

This time (yesterday) we got off the plane from Chicago after a longish day of interviews there and, drowsily, I asked how far it was to the hotel, dreaming of lying down, smooth sheets, sleep. The film started ten minutes ago, said David, our cheery publicist. We will get there just in time for the Q&A. Into the toilets for a quick change of clothes, splash the face with water, pull the mind back from the brink of lazy drifting snooziness.

The cinema was the beautiful Landmark theatre, the Mayan, with its unique decorative façade and interior. The audience was lovely and I tried to be bright. Someone asked a question about class and lots of people were interested in and appreciative of the nuances of the cinematography. These people have eyes, I thought. And ears, too, as someone else questioned me closely about one of the instruments on one of the music tracks.

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Pablo leaping in air at station concourse in Paris

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David Kimball outside the Mayan

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