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Where am I?

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Where am I?

I spent most of the 12-hour flight to Tokyo writing a satirical ‘review’ of YES for a literary magazine. Their idea was for me to write it in the third person, which I did, but it turned into something longer and more acid than expected, based partly on the tone of some of the more hostile reviews that came out in the USA. I guess it is all part of the process of digesting and attempting to transform critical reaction.  Anyway, as a consequence I did not sleep at all on the flight, which left London at 3pm and arrived at 11am Tokyo time the next morning, so I had lost a night.

When we stepped out of the air-conditioned airport building the wall of heat and humidity hit us like a steambath. I had decided in advance to stay up all day, come what may, so dragged myself around the streets, wandering in and out of department stores in Shinjuku district, just to get a change of temperature. I was drawn, of course, to the camping and outdoor departments and found myself staring, glazed, at miniature compasses (I bought two). Which, on reflection, has some logic to it. Where am I? And how do I get to wherever it is I am going?

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Shinjuku district

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The compass

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