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VANCOUVER – 07/05/05

Taking the Oath

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Dr Potter

I am now, officially, legally, ‘Dr Potter” having been awarded an honorary doctorate by the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver . In an impromptu acceptance speech I found myself extolling the virtues of having no formal further education. As I explained, the only other certificate to my name is one of excellence in the rumba and cha cha cha. But then, I went on to muse aloud, where and how do we really learn the important lessons? Most of my beloved teachers are dead; Billie Holliday, The Marx Brothers, Chekhov, Eisenstein, Brecht…..and a very long list of other artists who have left immortal traces we can all learn from again and again.

But my most important teacher of all has been that well known and universally-feared professor, Ms Take. Every one of her lessons – or errors as they are sometimes called (often made in public because I was learning on the job) has been a never to be forgotten gem.

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